Thursday, 3 August 2017


Millennial Woes weighs in on the Doctor Who controversy following the BBC's decision to reincarnate the time-travelling sci-fi character as a woman.

Dr. Who has long been a role model for young British males who feel a bit "odd" or out or the ordinary. Woes sees the change in the Doctor's gender as a mold-breaking exercise to prepare the way for later changing the character's race. Fans are understandably upset by this change and the loss of a cherished role model for their race and sex. However, thanks to the stultifying effect of political correctness and its denial of race and sex, they are at a loss how to criticise this decision.

Only by "owning" our culture and being conscious of, and comfortable with, its identitarian aspects can we ultimately protect it from Cultural Marxist moves like this one.

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